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Diamonds define your lifestyle and should be purchased for pure enjoyment. In our selection of GIA diamonds fashion jewelry you are sure to find something that makes you feel as special as you are.

For over 85 years someone in the Jewelers Conaway, AR family has been helping couples, young and old, find the perfect engagement ring to symbolize their love for each other. Whether it’s platinum or gold we have it here, plus an extensive selection of loose stones to choose from in every size, shape, and price range.

Current loose inventory includes but is not limited to the following:
1.02ct Princess G/SI2
.80 Princess G/SI1
.56 Princess G/SI1
1.27 Round I/SI1 Ideal Cut
1.01ct Round H/SI2
.75 Round G/SI2
2.18ct Round G/SI2
.58 Marquise G/SI2
.71 Marquise G/SI2
1.0 Marquise H/VS1
1.0 Oval H/SI1
2.01 Oval G/SI3
.51 ct round brilliant SI2 F
2.01 ct round brilliant SI2 G
1.0 ct round brilliant SI1 F
1.50 ct round brilliant SI2 H
1.28 ct round brilliant VS2 J
1.0 ct marquise SI1 G
1.0 ct oval SI1 E
.97 ct princess VS2 E
.62 ct radiant VS2 G
.50 ct round brilliant SI1 G
.53 ct princess SI1 H
.25 ct round brilliant SI1 G
.33 ct round brilliant VS2 G
.75 ct princess VS1 F

1.08 cts tw round brilliant SI2 H
2.04 cts tw round brilliant SI2 H
.50 ct tw round brilliant SI1 G
.54 ct tw princess VS2 G
1.24 cts tw princess SI1 G
.25 ct tw round brilliant SI G


True custom design is much more than selecting a pre-made mounting from a catalogue and setting stones. At Jewelers Conaway, AR we understand that our customers want a truly original wearable piece of art, and when they leave, that is what they have. We start with wax and create whatever our customer desires. We can use our customers ideas, stones, and gold or we can provide everything. We view this as just one more way to make sure our customers are happy.

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Designer Lines and Watches

 Rosen Block
Konstantino Treasures
Kurt Gutmann
The Promise Collection
Color Story by Robert Lesser
Pre-owned Rolex
Stephen Dweck -Every single piece whether its a bracelet, necklace, earring, pin or pendant, can never be duplicated.
Raymond Hak
Honora Pearls -Specializing in the best Freshwater Pearls since they arrived on the market over 20 years ago.
Coast Diamond -Elegant design, excellent quality and superior craftsmanship, is the mission of COAST DIAMOND.
Sal Praschnik- Sal Praschnik’s lifelong dedication to create jewelry that withstands the passage of time.
Andrea Candela – Fine jewelry and the beauty of Spain from the designer jewelry collection of Andréa Candela.
Jamie Joseph – Giving equal focus to qualities of movement, asymmetry, texture and luminosity, stones are transformed…
Rembrandt Quality Charms – World-renowned for superb craftsmanship and a stunning collection of charm styles.
H. Weiss Company
Suneera Fine Jewelry Designs – Inspired by the sensuous rhythm of music, vibrant colors, and the innate beauty of nature.
Bijoux Demer – Designed by Renee Launiere and hand-crafted by either herself or her in-house team.
Zeghani by Simon -Zeghani jewelry is distinctive; it is cultured and sophisticated, yet fashion forward.
 Glam Rock Watches
Victorinox Swiss Army

Functional ruggedness is achieved by its case dimension and shape, crown protection feature… Coast Diamond
Elegant design, excellent quality and superior craftsmanship, is the mission of COAST DIAMOND.
Unique Settings
Unique Settings provides the independent retail jeweler the styling they need.
Stuller Settings -Stuller is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of fine jewelry.
Allison-Kaufman – A commitment to providing fine diamond jewelry to the retail jeweler for nearly a century

In 1783, businessmen George and William Penrose founded the Waterford Glass house, promising to make crystal in “as fine a quality as any in Europe…in the most elegant style.” The Penroses knew the secret of mingling minerals and glass to create crystal with beautiful, and mysterious, qualities. When tapped, it sang sweetly. When touched, it felt warm and soft; yet it possessed strength and durability. Most wonderful of all, the crystal shone with a romantic, silvery brilliance.
As it was then, so it is today – the craftsmen of Waterford remain supreme artists. Their time-honored designs are brought to life in distinctive stemware, lamps, desk accessories, a wide array of table items and enchanting gifts. The cuts, in myriad patterns, impart a vivacious sparkle, a personality, to the crystal. And each piece bears a unique finishing touch – the Waterford Crystal mark – as a sign the the centuries-old tradition of Waterford lives on in the piece you hold in your hands. We are proud to carry the Waterford line. Special orders are welcome.

Jewelers Conaway, AR hundreds of specialized engravings every year. Each one symbolic of our customers needs and wants. Just stop by our store in downtown Conway, AR to speak with one of our sales representatives for further details.


Our expert staff can not only assist you in selecting the perfect jewelry, we also offer the following professional services:

     Total Custom Jewelry Design

     On-Site Jewelry Repair

     Insurance Appraisals

     Free Ring Cleaning and Prong Inspection

     Watch Battery Replacement

     Watch Repair

     Pearl Restringing

     Gift Wish Lists

    Free Gift Wrap on All Purchases

    Special Orders Welcome


C.A.R.A.T. Award for Design – 1997 and 1998

Arkansas Jewelers of the Year – 1999

Jewelers For Children

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Q. What is the best way to clean jewelry?

A. The best and safest way is to use mild soapy water and dry it with a soft cloth. You can also clean diamond jewelry with an ammonia based cleaner mixed with warm water. There is never a need to use toothpaste on jewelry (it will even scratch some colored stones). It is also very important not to use any bleach or bleach based cleaners to clean any jewelry because it is too harsh and it will destroy gold jewelry.

Q. Should I choose platinum or white gold?

A. The choice of metal for your jewelry is a purely personal one but one that should be made only after educating yourself on the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Platinum is the most pure of all jewelry metals (90%-95% pure) meaning you get more metal for your money. Because of it’s purity it is naturally white and hypoallergenic. White gold is not pure and can fade or change color. In addition, the alloys used in white gold can affect sensitive skin. Platinum is 35 times more rare than gold. There are only two sources of platinum in the world and it takes 10 tons of ore to produce one ounce of metal. So, if you chose platinum you will be wearing a very rare symbol of love. Platinum loses litte metal to everyday wear, gold wears down. The platinum ring you buy today will be the same ring on your 50th anniversary. Platinum is very dense, it feels significant and permanent to wear. If you chose platinum you should be aware of the unique patina of the metal. Since the metal doesn’t wear off but rather is merely displaced when it scratches it develops a more dull, matte finish. The largest advantages to white gold are it’s less expensive price tag and ability to hold a high polish longer.

Q. What does a 1.00 carat diamond cost?

A. The cost of a diamond is determined not only by it’s size but also by the quality of that diamond. The most commonly accepted quality grading scale was established by The Gemological Institute of America and grades diamonds using the 4 C’s: Cut, Carat Weight, Clarity, and Color. There is no set price for a 1.00 carat or any other size diamond.

Q. What is an appraisal?

A. An appraisal is an opinion as to the authenticity, quality, design and value of a piece of jewelry. Since it is an opinion, backed and supported by training, equipment and experience, it is important to understand that there can be honest variations between competent appraisals.

Q. Is the declared price evaluation the most important aspect of an appraisal?

A. No, the most important part, and the most protective to the customer, is an explicit description of the jewelry item, accurately depicting the design, the metal, and the stones.

Q. How often should I get my jewelry appraised?

A. When purchased, and, in view of continuing inflation, it is a good idea to have all your jewelry appraised every two or three years.

Q. How can I be sure I am getting the most accurate appraisal possible?

A. Don’t try to save money on a appraisal. For a professional evaluation, expect to pay a fair fee. Don’t rush your appraiser. Give him/her time to carefully examine every facet of your jewelry.

Q. What is true custom design versus remount?

A. True custom design involves the lost wax method. Using this method a design is carved in wax and then cast in either gold, platinum, or silver. After casting, stones are set and the finished product is polished. True custom design requires a great deal of training and talent. Remount merely involves selecting a precast mounting from a catalogue and setting stones. Although true custom design is more expensive it is a useful tool in creating unique, one of a kind pieces or turning out of style sentimental pieces into a more wearable design.

Q. What is gem enhancement?

A. Gem enhancement is a man-controlled process that improves the appearance, durability, or value of a gem. Using that definition it is safe to assume that a huge majority of all colored gems are enhanced in some way. There are four processes used to enhance gems: temperature, radiation, chemicals, or surface modification. All of these treatments are used to improve the color and overall appearance of the gem. In fact, many of the gem colors we are familiar with today would not be possible without some form of treatment. Almost all colored gems are treated in some fashion and most of the treatments are permanent.

Q. What is a clarity enhanced diamond?

A. Any diamond that has undergone a man-controlled process to improve it’s clarity is considered clarity enhanced. There are two popular processes used today, laser drilling and fracture filling. Laser drilling involves drilling a hole and injecting bleach into the diamond to lighten dark inclusions. Fracture filling also involves drilling into the inclusion but, rather than bleach the inclusion, silicon is injected into the diamond therefore disguising the inclusion to the naked eye. Laser drilling is a permanent enhancement method however, heat applied to a fracture filled diamond will turn the silicon black and in many cases this cannot be repaired. These enhancements are ethical only if disclosed to the customer before purchase.

Q. What is Moissanite?

A. Natural diamonds are formed deep in the earth by heat and pressure. Moissanite is created in a lab setting using heat and pressure similar to nature’s elements. Although moissanite exhibits the same physical characteristics as natural diamonds there are some differences. Mossanite exhibits double refraction under magnification. This will interfer with normal light reflection and dispersion. In addition, scientists have yet to develop a process which will produce a colorless Moissanite. Most exhibit a yellowish tint. The price for Moissanite is less but it is not inexpensive. A 1.0 carat Moissanite averages.

Q. What is the difference between saltwater and freshwater pearls?

A. A saltwater pearl, often refered to as an Akoya pearl, is grown in oysters in the sea. Freshwater pearls are grown in mussels in freshwater lakes and rivers. Both are considered cultured. Saltwater pearls are more expensive as a rule, due to their rarity. Freshwater pearl technology is improving however, and with that the quality of the pearls produced. Freshwater pearls are are most noted for their use in fashion jewelry. Both varieties come in a wide selection of colors and sizes.

Q. What is the difference between South Sea and Tahition pearls?

A. Tahitian pearls are glorious, multi-hued silvery-gray pearls. They enjoy their luxurious colors because they come from the black-lipped mollusk found in French Polynesia waters. Their color ranges from gray to black, with strong undercurrents of peacock blue, deep purple, or shimmering green. Their size can range as large as 13 to 15mm. South Sea pearls are one of the rarest and most sought-after pearls. These creamy, dramatically sized cultured gems are named after the waters from which they are harvested. They are traditionally creamy-white in color with undercurrents ranging from pink, silver, or cream. In addition, South Sea pearls are also large in size, ranging from 9mm to 17mm.

Not only do we carry a large selection of Cultured Pearls, Baroque Cultured Pearls and Freshwater Cultured Pearls in all shapes, sizes and colors, but we also stock Tahitian Cultured Pearl strands and earrings.
Spark, just one of the many fine colored stone lines we carry, offers everything from contemporary to traditional. If you can’t find something you like mounted you can browse through our selection of loose colored gemstones acquired from all over the world then select your own mounting to create your own unique masterpiece.

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