Gold Program

How to sell you gold and silver without getting cheated

What a crazy world we live in. Who would have ever believed gold and silver prices would reach such record heights in 2011? This presents a great opportunity to sell or trade your old jewelry. Whether you chose to sell or trade be careful to educate yourself first. Don't call and ask for quotes over the phone. Visit a reputable, independent jeweler and have everything evaluated and sorted based on gold content (10kt vs. 14kt). All independent jewelers buy gold but will have varying policies regarding prices and gemstones set in the pieces. Ask the jeweler to explain their policies and what you should expect as a fair price. Will you receive any compensation for gemstones? If you want your gemstones back, will you be charged to remove them from the pieces?

We buy gold and silver AND we offer you the opportunity to trade your old jewelry in on something new and fresh. Come see us and let us get you in some new jewelry!!!